Friday, August 30, 2013

Progress On My Next Big Article(s)?

GPU-clusterHey folks, E.C. here with an update… I’m working on an article called “GPU Clustering for Digital Art and Graphic Design?” and doing research for it at the same time to make sure that A)I know what I’m talking about and B)I can actually do what I propose at the end of the article.

I started this blog to talk about Graphic Design, the lives of Graphic Designers, and the tool we use. I’m also getting back into digital art and what can be done with fractals while at the same time trying to tackle the issue for yet another article about whether or not we’re using our modern tools to their greatest poetical. I’m asking if we are pushing the limits of our processors, memory, and storage devices or are we just doing what Graphic Designers have done for decades but only doing it faster and cleaner than ever before while following the lead of a very few innovators?
I have surrendered myself to the fact that there are some days (specifically Fridays if my work is all done for the week) that I’m more fascinated by the tools of graphic design and digital art than actually creating design and digital art. I’m fascinated by the tools that have been used, past, present and the future. I’m also looking into things like the hardware as art, specifically wall mounted computers – computers that are built on a flat surface like metal plates, plastic or wooden boards with a sheet of clear Mylar between the two.

I’m also debating on whether or not I want to resurrect my former podcast and widen the categories to talk about the aforementioned stuff. I want to get other graphic designers, artists, authors to talk about The Creative Process.

So with that said… no new extra-long articles today and this weekend – keep your eye out for something extensive next week.

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