Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vintage Computer Parts Whereabouts

How do people with older computers and servers get the right parts they need quickly and easily?

First, I have this image of other small business owners who have a bunch of computers, data storage devices, and countless media disks or cartridges kept somewhere “out there.” In one of those computers or storage mediums there is vital information that’s desperately needed, they’re either documents needed for a client or the IRS due to a pending audit.

Once they fire up the old beast needed to access the information needed they discover (or rediscover) what’s wrong with the system; there’s a hardware error or the disk won’t deliver data correctly. This person knows how to fix the problem but doesn’t know where to get the right parts.

Second, I’m sure there is someone running an older piece of equipment simply because they have to. By any means necessary this machine has to keep running because it’s attached to a periphery or plug-in device that’s irreplaceable. Once in a while something like this needs replacement RAM, Video Card, cooling fan but as time progresses it’s harder and harder to find those parts.

Third, I picture that there’s a warehouse somewhere else out there with tons of never-been-opened boxes of surplus computer parts. The company who owns this equipment would love to unload this stuff since that stuff is taking up space.. If there was only a way for them to get the word out there that they have these parts to people who need or want them.

Thus is the dilemma of many people have – how can we connect these groups together and do business? How can someone like myself get in touch with those who have what I need in a short amount of time? How can I search for the hardware I need, find it and know for sure that it’s the right thing before I install it?

Is there an on-line tool where someone like myself can enter in the information about my specific computer and the device I need for it and get an answer? Is there a way I can get this answer without harassing my fellow tech-heads?

Suggestions are welcome.

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