Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CGD 242 Interactive Website Design: Isn’t Flash Dead?

I’m in a class now called “CGD 242 Interactive Website Design” and it’s a Graphic Designer’s dream. It’s taught by a thoughtful teacher who is bending over backwards to make sure we get the information we need to be successful in this class.
In one of our first lectures we had a discussion about Flash and how the rest of the world is moving away from it and towards performing the same tasks with HTML5, CSS3, J-Scripts and other tools. I couldn’t be happier.

I love creating digital art but I actually found the Adobe Flash tools too limiting. You’re talking to a guy who used CADKey and LightWave once upon a time. I felt as if Adobe Flash wasn’t enough to do what I wanted to do and I felt myself using tools like Adobe Illustrator to create what I wanted to animate and then had a hard time creating my AI files into objects to manipulate.

I’m not saying that Adobe Flash is a bad tool, I’m saying I’m not as good with it as I would like to be.

What’s next for the Web? What’s replacing Flash and is it a tool I can easily buy or is it something that comes with Adobe Creative Suite 6 that I haven’t used yet? Or do I have to switch to “The Cloud?”

Stay Tuned.

On a further note – I have to keep a notebook for CGD 242 Interactive Website Design; this is going to be it since this electric journal won’t ever get lost, stolen or have the pages ripped out by my sons for their own experiments and projects. – Enjoy.

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